Challenges of Faith Radio Program

Gary McCants, Producer, Host and  Author

Challenges of Faith Radio Programming For 2021

 Guest Interviews  in  March 2021

Sun 3/7 @ 5p: Galen Herbic: Families for Adoption-Texas


Sun 3/14 @ 8p: Oscar Amaechina: Author, Pres/Founder of Afri-mission Evangelistic Network-Nigeria


Sun 3/21 @ 5 p: Chauncey Allmond: National  Presenter          

for Faithlife  LLC-Texas


Wed 3/24 @ 6p: Trillia Newbell: Author of Creative God, Colorful Us, and Many more- Tenn

Sun 3/28 @ 9a : Sam Opeche: Author, Singer, & Songwriter - U.K

Friday  March 5th & 26th  @ 7/8 pm est : 99+Relationship Characters   on Edifi,  iHeart, TuneIn,  Stitcher  and MyTuner Radio, SoundCloud, Anchor Fm, Spotify,  Apple, Google Podcast and More


Sat @  8 and 10am est: Watch, Pray, and Lead  re: Global events.

airing on Edifi,  iHeart, TuneIn,   Stitcher, BlogTalk &  MyTuner Radio,  Apple and Google Podcast


Sun @ 6 and 8 am est: Gary in  the Book of Jonah

airing on Edifi Christian channel, TuneIn , iHeart  Stitcher, and MyTuner Radio.

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Challenges of Faith Radio Program

My name is Gary McCants and Welcome to the Challenges of Faith Radio Program and thank you very much for listening

More about The Challenges of Faith Radio Program Ministry

Challenges of Faith Radio Program is a Christian radio ministry program designed to uplift the believers who are a part of the Body of Christ. Uplifting from the perspective of providing spiritual and educational information to and for you. Informational knowledge that is spiritual, biblical, factual, educational, and we hope sometimes humorous.

Faith challenging knowledge and personal stories, that will encourage you to continue depending on God while growing in your faith and walk. Knowledge that will encourage a non-believer(s) to come unto a realization of their need of salvation, but thru our savior "The Lord Jesus Christ".

The Challenges of Faith Radio Program will present spiritual messages, by taking the cookies from the top shelves and making them plain and clear, and feature global guest from diverse backgrounds who will share their up and down trials and victories.

What scriptural verse signify the programs mission

Formed for the purpose of Strengthening and or Re-strengthening the Believer of the Household of faith. In essence what the Bible says, as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

Proverbs 27:17 New International Version (NIV)

Challenges of Faith Radio Program 2021 Interviews, Relational Topics and Spiritual Messages

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