Challenges of Faith Radio Program

Gary McCants, Author,Producer, and Host

About the Author and Host

I communicate from a "preventive" standpoint, designed to show individuals how to avoid becoming Victims of relationships and all types of crimes. Past contributing writer to Ebony & Jet Magazines on relational topics. Past contributing writer to (U.S Justice Dept sponsored) Community Policing Consortium's newsletter...How To Unite Communities), Former Chair of a Multi-Cultural Org. Received book recognition from Writers Digest, & The Black Caucus of the American Library Assoc. Recipient of the Wash. DC National Crime Prevention Council Award. Invited presenter to the annual America's Youth Conference. Invited presenter to Ohio Gov Family & Children's 1st Conference. Recognized by Ohio A. G. Fisher for Community Achievements, Recognized by Ohio A. G. Montgomery for 8 yr Success in reducing crime against low-income citizens. Former Pastor, U.S TA & Peer Review Consultant, Law Enforcement Practitioner, Corp Director of Security, Public Housing Chief and Owner of a Class A  P.I. and Security Guard company.